KGKJet CCS3000

Panneau tactile couleur amovible.

Utilise un grand écran tactile de 10,4 pouces.

Imprimez même dans les petits espaces avec la tête d’impression compacte.

La buse ne s’obstrue pas à partir d’encre séchée.

Conforme à une variété d’encres.

Teinture d’encre
Encre pigmentée
Encre comestible
Encre Tempera


Model Dye standard machine Dye economy machine Pigment machine Egg machine
Model name CCS3000-D CCS3000-DR CCS3000-P CCS3000-EG
Corresponding inks Dye inks Pigment ink Egg ink
Charcoal ink
Dustproof waterproof IP65 IP54 IP65 IP65
CE Marking Corresponding Non-corresponding Corresponding Corresponding
RoHS Support
Screen size 10.4 color LCD / touch panel
Operation panel 3.5m 1.3m 3.5m 3.5m
cable length
Corresponding nozzles 40µm / 50µm / 60µm 50µm / 60µm 60µm
Character height 0.8-5mm (40-µm nozzle), 1-10mm (50-µm nozzle), 2-10 (60-µm nozz
The highest printing 2.666 (40-µm nozzle), 2.041 (50‐µm nozzle), 1.780 (60‐µm nozzle)
speed [characters/second]
( 5×5 dot fonts and
1character between)
Number of printed stages [1~6stages] 5×5
and the dot configuration [1~4stages] 7×5, 7×8
[1~3stages] 9×7, 9×9, 10×8, 12×10
[1~2stages] 16×12, 16×16
[1stages] 24×18, 24×24, 32×24, 32×32
Message registration Maximum of 999 message
Message registration Maximum of 4096 characters
characters number
Character type Alphabet (upper case/lower case), numbers, symbols, Japanese hiragana, katakana, kanji (JIS class 1and 2),
Simplified Chinese (GB2312), the user characters.
Date time Chritian year, traditional Japanese calender year, year/month/day, day of the week, time (12 / 24H format),
(expiration date) Julian date, serial week number in a year, early/middle/late period of the month (variable period setting),
Printing function AM / PM, shift code, character assignment function (to assign year, month, day, hour, minute, second,
day of the week) to a maximum number of 4 to 15 digits of other characters.
Numbering function Up to 10 digits, any initial value setting, up / down, carry of digit (can be set to 1 count in the work number from
1 to 9999), zero suppression function (replacing the zero of the high-order digits with space, or to eliminate it),
numbering character assignment function (can be assigned to non-numeric characters), advance setting numbers
(2 to 36 decimal) can be divided (insert any of the characters between the numbers).
Distance printing function Length measurement printing up to 10 digits, can be divided (insert any of the characters between the numbers).
Bar code ITF, NW-7, JAN, Code128
Two dimensional code QR Code, data matrix
Kana-to-kanji conversion Yes
External connection I/O, Signal light, RS-232C, LAN, encoder, UPS, USB memory
Data input Touch panel, RS-232C communication, Ethernet
Communication function RS-232C 1CH maximum 115,200bps, Ethernet
Head cable length 3.5m
Multi-control A maximum of 16 cordless handset (slave) control is possible with one main (master).
[Controllable function] start / stop, power OFF, system clock setting, message selection, printing content editing,
numbering current value setting.
The source of dry air Fit tube shape: ø6mm or 8mm
(For the air purges in the Air source pressure: 0.8Mpa or less (air ventilation set included with the unit)
print head) Air flow rate:less than 10L / Min
Installation area Main part: 400Wx347Dx548H (excluding projection)
(width x depth x height) Head:40Wx199Dx40H
Use environment 0-40°C (it changes with ink types), 10 to 85% (however, non-condensing)
(temperature, humidity)
Power supply AC90V-264V 80W
Mass 25kg
Ground D type grounding
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